• Marc has thirty years of experience in working with and for brands around the globe including a ten year sales and marketing career with Mexx International, the Dutch fashion apparel company which grew to an annual turnover of USD 300 million. Responsibilities at Mexx developed from Sales and Marketing Management, New Product Development, General Management in Belgium, to International Marketing Director.

    Marc started his own design company in 1989 working out of Amsterdam in a joint venture with the Michael Peters Group PLC, a global design company with an annual turnover of £40 million. Implementing a MBO in 1995 made Marc the sole proprietor of the company.

    From 1989 to 2001 Marc developed MPG to one of the leading design agencies in the Netherlands, through successful relationships with fmcg clients such as Sony Europe, Unilever, Spar International and O'Neill Sportswear.

    The Michael Peters Group and DJPA merged in 2001 to form the DJPA Partnership. Marc ten Bruggen Cate was a DJPA Partnership

    proprietor and CEO of the group working out of the London offices. Key customers included; Hit Entertainment, Warburtons, Mexx, Unilever, Grolsch, ING bank and Chivas Brothers.

    After working in London for five years Marc returned to Amsterdam to revitalise the Michael Peters Group. After a successful relaunch in 2006 Marc retired from MPG selling his remaining shares in the company.

    Since that time Marc has maintained a high level consultancy and sits on several advisory boards. He has recently decided to return to his real passion; Design, launching his new company Blind Faith, in 2009.

    Marc is currently spearheading the expansion of Blind Faith in the UK and mainland Europe, taking on challenging (re)branding projects. Marc's extensive rolodex with global talent, his experience and drive for creative excellence are the key assets of the new company.

  • Where there is no vision, the people perish.

  • The Art of Visual Persuasion

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    James Taylor for his creative excellence and patience. Going through all the work, checking and reworking the images. A massive enterprise to visualise 20 years of design at such a high quality standard. Thank you Jimbo, I go through the website each day and I feel proud and regain energy for new ventures when looking back.

    No regrets.

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    Great job Lucy. Thank you so much. I love the work.

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  • This website covers 20 years of my life. From the start of the Michael Peters Group with Rob, Theo, Dick, through to buying the business from Michael and renaming the company MPG.

    Surviving a couple of recessions.
    Partners who throw the towel or wanting to strangle me.
    The merger with DJPA and working in London, great times and twisted partners.

    Taking MPG forward again after was fun while it lasted.
    After a few years of freewheeling I'm back doing what I like best, and only working with the best!

    Creativity, the art of design, branding and the excitement of visualising strategies has always kept me going irregardless of the hurdles and land mines.
    Design is art and the artists are exciting and talented individuals with great skills. I pride myself in being able to get the best out of them.
    It is a privilege and a continuous joy to work with such talented people.

    Within Blind Faith there is no pressure from payrolls or management that believe design is a commodity can be run like a factory.
    We can focus on what client needs are and get it right.

    "Change originates in creative thought, and the ability to engage in creative thinking or foster it in others is a skill that separates those who lead from those who follow."

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  • I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.

  • Don't bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.